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WHITE WAVE MARINE (WWM) is INDIA based limited liability. Company manned and operated by professionals of shipping industry, with over 40 Years of accumulated sea going experience and over 10 years of command experience on board Chemical, Gas & Oil tankers and Bulk carriers.

WHITE WAVE MARINE (WWM) is well placed in INDIA to serve clients world-wide.

Our mission is to provide exemplary shipping and marine consulting services to our clients :
   With quality and reliability which would meet or exceed their expectations.
   With optimum resources, true values and delivering results at the right time to maximize their business potential.
   With commitment to safe working practices and protection of the environment.

   We are a company that values individuals and teamwork, where people care about each other and share their knowledge freely.
   Our values of commitment, honesty, integrity, and delivery are important to us.

   We strive for excellence and aim to exceed expectations.
   Retaining our competitive edge through innovation is central to the way we operate and we are always looking to improve our service that enhances company’s efficiency and effectiveness.



"Complete Marine Solutions & Cargo Management."

We can conduct annual safety inspections, pre-purchase inspections, on hire surveys, condition assessment, trend analysis, performance evaluation, Navigational audits, 3rd party TMSA review in order to meet OCIMF requirements, on board training, coating and steel condition etc. - always with a quick feedback.
We provide skilled mariners to expedite cargoes carry out tank cleaning and advise ship staff on loading / unloading and operational carriage requirements. We operate with a high level of transparency and detailed reporting and updates.
We can assist in the cause of incident / accident of ship / boat damage on the Indian coast and within Asia. Coordinating with local P and I, Port State Control, DGS, Other various authorities to suit our customers’ needs.
We can appoint experienced and capable new building supervision teams based in India and China. We and our associates can provide full new building supervision services right from design stage to delivery of the vessel. Our services include project viability study, plan approval, on location supervision and design modifications as required to comply with new regulations and operational requirements.
   Terminal Traffic Study
   Port Feasibility Study
   Ports and Terminal Due-Diligence

Shipping is a global industry and its prospects are associated with the level of global economic and industrial activity. However, the shipping market is known to be cyclical in nature with volatile freight rates.

As shipping consultants in India, we are at the service of our clients for providing business-consulting solutions to the shipping companies looking for diversification and business expansion and opportunities for shipping investment.

   Extensive domain knowledge, to understand shipping industry concerns and suggest optimal shipping business consulting solutions.
   Enable flexibility in choosing alternative business / choice models.
   Customized market and business research solutions to meet client’s specific requirements.
   Advantage of access to various shipping industry professionals, experts and cross industry expertise through our shipping consultants’ network.
   Tanker Shipping ( OIL / CHEMICAL / LNG / LPG )
   Dry / Bulk Shipping
   Shipping Investment & Finance
   Coastal Shipping
   Technical & Regulatory requirements in Tanker
   Shipping Segment
       - Specification of Tanker
       - Operation & Maintenance
       - Ship Classification & Registration
   Government Regulation
       - MMD, DG Shipping Registration
       - Certification


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    B-61 Shaligram 3,
    Off 100 ft Road,
    Prahalad Nagar,
    Ahmedabad - 380053,
    Gujarat, India.
    Contact no: 079-40081836/+91-999 891 3953
    Capt. Vivek Kapur
    Capt. Neeraj Saxena
    Capt. Shashank Xende
    Ms. Amrita Dhillon
  •   info@whitewavemarine.com


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